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The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee

2009 GPAC, Geelong

Spelling Bee is a hilarious tale of six quirky twelve-year olds in the throes of puberty battling it out for glory: to be the sole survivor in their local spelling competition.  Watched over by three equally odd-ball adults the result is a side splitting, fast paced, dog eat dog, bizarre and slightly disturbing insight into the world of junior school competition spelling. 

“…staged with great panache by Doorstep Arts… a top line-up of talent behind the scenes and onstage…irresistible”


Produced by Darylin Ramondo
Directed by Jolyon James
Musical Direction by John Shawcross
Assistant Direction by Caleb Rixon 

Alex Rathgeber as Leaf Coneybear
Amanda Levy as Olive Ostrovski
Amy Lehpamer as Marcy Park
Kethly Hemsworth as Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierr
Jensen Overend as Chip Tolentino
Casey Gould as William Barfee
Sophie Collins as Rona Lisa Peretti
Tim McCallum as Mitch Mahoney
David MacKay as Vice Principal Douglas Panch