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The Last Five Years

Music and Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown

2007 GPAC, Geelong

An emotionally powerful and intimate musical about two New Yorkers in their twenties: Cathy, a struggling actress, and Jamie, a budding novelist on the brink of wild success, are 20-somethings who meet, fall in love, marry, and divorce over the span of five years.  Cathy tells the story from the end of their marriage; Jamie begins from when they first meet.  As the musical unfolds, Cathy moves backward in time to the beginning of the relationship as Jamie moves toward the end; they meet only once, in the middle, at their wedding.

Produced by Darylin Ramondo
Directed by Darylin Ramondo
Musical Direction by John Shawcross 

Jolyon James as Jamie
Kate Hanley as Cathie